Carthage was the capital city of the ancient Carthaginian civilization, on the eastern side of the Lake of Tunis. Wherein the city is divided into two different districts: The Medina or the old walled Muslim City and the modern European Quarter. Bordering the ruins of ancient Carthage is the old district. Founded in ninth century BC by Libyans, Tunis was concealed by other Tunisian cities due to its abundant early history. During the waged war on the Phoenicians (immigrants from what are now Lebanon and Syria) in Carthage in the second century, Tunis served as the Roman base and both cities were ruined following the triumph of the Romans, though both were rebuilt later. The legendary Queen Dido founded an empire that would become, through the Punic Wars, the only existential threat to the Roman Empire. Lasted from 1881 until 1956, under the rule of the French during the nineteenth century, Tunis's modern city was built. During these years, as the population of Tunis increased notably and the French built a modern European quarter, Tunis became prosperous with all the merchants, trading and other industrial activities. Tunis's old city still brags numerous of prestigious markets such as, Souk el-Attarine, the market particularly in perfumes and local craftwork, the Gold Market or known as The Souq Birka and the array of significant infrastructures that contributed to the city's history such as the National Library that was built in 1813 and the Sidi Youssef Mosque in 17th century. Tunis became the capital of Independent Tunisia in 1956 and it served as the center of interest and activity to Tunisian politics, governments and commercial being. As the Tunisian economy tremendously expanded during the latter half of the 20th century, it also activated the significant and valuable changes throughout the city. Tunis is a cosmopolitan city today which benefits from a rich history; a crossroad for nomads.

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    Undoubtedly One Of The Most Spectacular Places To Stay In Carthage Is In Villa Didon's Ten Mini Suites / The Suites Have Open-Plan Marble Jacuzzis Overlooking Great Views / Ultra-Modern, With Design Furniture And Boasts An Alain Ducasse Restaurant / The Bar Is A Cool Hang-Out And It's A Great Place To Enjoy A Sunset Cocktail

    2016, Carthage, Manouba, Tunisia +216 71 733 433 , view website , view on map




    A Charming Hotel Overlooking The Gulf Of Tunis / Harmonious Blend Of Oriental And Western Design / A 19th-Century Moorish-Style Building Decorated With Lovely Tiling / Spacious Rooms Set Around A Central Courtyard / A Room With A Seaview Is Recommended / Breakfast On The Terrace Is A Delight / The Hotel Pool Offers Privacy And Adds To The Relaxing Experience

    Rue Toumi 2026, Carthage, Tunisia +216 71 729 666 , send email, view website , view on map




    The Location Of La Villa Bleue Overlooking The Mediterranean And Cap Bon Is Breathtaking / It Is Complemented With Wonderfully Authentic and Stylish Rooms / Detailed Tiling, Underfloor Heating And Original Artefacts / There Is A Hotel Pool And A Cozy Living Room Which Serves As A Cafe / This Is A Private House And Is Perfectly Located In The Area Of Sidi Bou Said

    Sidi Bou Said, Rue Hedi Zarrouk, Carthage 2026, Tunisia +216 71 742 000 , send email, view website , view on map




    The Owner Lamia Bousnina Ben Ayed Is A Contemporary Art Enthusiast Who Acts As An Art And Design Ambassador For The Region / A Gallery With A Cheerful Mix Of Western And Eastern Cultures / Each Conveying A Universal Message Of Peace / This Gallery Showcases Tunisian Craftsmanship To A Wider Audience / The Ambience Is Welcoming And Lamia's Passion For The Arts And Community Initiatives Is Inspiring

    Lac Malären, Tunis +216 71 861 355 , view website , view on map




    From Its Slogan T-shirts To The Welcoming Café This Is A Fun Place To Visit / Opened In 2012 By A Couple, Originally Because They Couldn't Source Any Nice Clothing For Their Children / Bespoke Clothing Lines For Men And Women / A Unique Store With Ironic And Humourous Accessories / Their Collections All Have A Mediterranean Spirit / Works As An Online Store As Well / This Is A Must-Visit For Fashion Fans Who Want To Bring Back An Original Souvenir

    15 rue el Moez, El Menzah 1, Tunis 1004 , send email, view website , view on map




    This High-End Creative Craft Shop Offers A Different Selection Of Gifts From The Usual Offerings In Tunis / Every Season Their Remit Changes / Accessories, Objets For The Home And Crafts Made By Local Tunisian Weavers, Sculptors And Embroiderers

    2 and 4 J.F. Kennedy, Carthage +216 22 965 090 , view website , view on map




    A Sophisticated Seafood Restaurant / One Of Tunis' Best-Loved Haunts / It's Located In The House Once Occupied By The French Writer André Gide, And Welcomed Numerous Celebrity Guests / The Garden Terrace And The Inside Bar Area Is Distinct / Great Place To Enjoy A View Of The Gulf Of Tunis From The Terrace While Savouring The Authentic Cuisine / There Is A Good Choice Of Tunisian Wines And Staff Are Very Welcoming

    1 rue Abou Kacem Chebbi, Tunis 1000 +216 71 744 733 , view website , view on map




    The Café Des Nattes Is At The Center Of Sidi Bou Said / Famous For Numerous Reasons, One Of Which Is That It Features August Macke's Painting View Of A Mosque In 1914 / This Is A Typical Coffee House Serving Strong, Hot Turkish Coffee, Mint Tea And Shisha / The Place Got Its Name From The Colourful Mats On Which People Sit To Enjoy The Atmosphere And Old World Charm / There Are A Few Tables Outside And A Small Menu Best For Breakfast

    Rue Sidi Bou Fares, Sidi Bou Said 2026 +216 71 749 661 , view website , view on map




    A Restaurant That Is Very Close To The Sea / Tables On The Terrace And On The Beach / The Airy Decor Inside Is Matched With European And French Staples On The Menu / They Offer Fresh Seafood And Pasta Made With Creativity / There Is Also An Open-Plan Kitchen To Watch The Preparation / This Is A Must-Visit For Sunset - Best Enjoyed With A Glass Of Rose Wine

    5 Rue El Arbi Zarrouk, La Marsa 2078 +216 71 748 219 , view website , view on map




    The Tables At Amphitrite Are Literally On The Beach But Sheltered From Direct Sunlight With Simple Awnings / This Is A Very Pleasant Restaurant For Lunch / The View Is Gorgeous While The Menu Is All About Fresh Seafood Simply Cooked And Complemented With A Good Wine List / All Delicious, Relaxing And Very Reasonably Priced

    Avenue de l'Union Amicar Plage, 2026 +216 71 747 591 , view website , view on map




    Formerly A Palace In The Heart Of Sidi Bou Said, Dar Zarrouk Still Retains A Colonial Vibe And Has A Fine View Of The Mediterranean Sea / Overlooking The Port And Bay Of Tunis / This Is An Elegant Restaurant With Impressive Interior Design Matched By A Menu Featuring Fresh Seafood, Traditional Dishes And A Good Variety Of Vegetarian Options Too / There Is Also A Bar At The Terrace, Lounge And Garden Areas, With Live Music On Offer / The Ambience Is Unforgettable

    Rue Hedi Zarrouk, 2026 +216 71 740 591 , send email, view website , view on map




    Another Gem, Foudouk El Attarine Is A Visual Feast / The Setting Is A Tunisian Mansion Lovingly Modernised That Makes For A Very Romantic Setting In The Evening / It Serves Classic Tunisian Food / International Favourites Also Feature On The Menu / It's A Good Location For A Business Lunch / It Also Offers A Great Edit Of Tunisian Handicrafts / It Sells Everything From Perfume And Oils, To Kilim Carpets, Slippers And Jewellery

    9 Bis Souk El Attarine, Tunis Medina 1006 +216 71 322 244 , send email, view website , view on map




    Founded By The Phoenicians In 9th Century By Their Queen Elissa / A Major Center Of Trade And Influence In The Western Mediterranean / During The Punic Wars It Was Destroyed By The Romans In 146BC, And Then Became A Major City In The Roman Empire, Before Becoming A Christian City And Then Being Destroyed By Islamic Invaders In The Late 7th Century / Historians Will Appreciate The Layering Of Historical Eras, Especially At The Carthage Museum With Its Array Of Artefacts And Sculptures / While It Is A Magnet For Tourists, A Trip To The Port Is Worthwhile And It Is Now A UNESCO World Heritage Site

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    The Town Of El Djem Is Famous For Its Amphitheatre, Which Dates Back To The 3rd Century AD, When The Roman City Of Thysdrus Was Built / It Was Declared A World Heritage Site In 1979 And Visitors Flock To See The Ruins / In Its Time It Could Seat 35,000 People And Was Used For Gladiator Shows / Now Much Of It Is Crumbling But The Essence Still Remains - With Porticos, Arches, Underground Rooms And Dungeons Clearly Visible / There Are Lots Of Stalls Around The Site, As Well As A Museum And Cafes

    El Djem Tunisia +216 22 434 142 , view website , view on map




    Eaten At Any Time Of The Day, The Tunisian Donut Is Traditionally Made At Home And Is Prepared With Flour Dough Fried In Oil / It Is Eaten Sprinkled With Sugar Or Honey / The Most Famous Bakery Selling Bambalouni Is In Sidi Bou Said / The Donuts Are Prepared In A Tiny Four Sq Metre Space And Sold All Day

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    The Aim Of The Dar Eyquem Association Is To Create A Solid And Lasting Bridge Between Cultures And Artists Of Any Nationality / The Location, A Private Residence With Direct Access To The Beach In Hammamet Is Surrounded By Beautiful Gardens / It Has Hosted Many Intellectuals / The Carmelute Dialogues Were Written Here / A Slice Of Paradise In A Tranquil Setting

    Hotel Le President, Zone Touristique, Hammamet 8050 , send email, view website , view on map


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