Montroi Summer Boutique, Mykonos

Celebrating Mykonos, with curated Mykonos island guide and travel accessories.

Celebrating Mykonos, Montroi opens a summer boutique at Ostraco Hotel & Suites, Mykonos.

The Montroi team traveled to Mykonos this year to update the travel guide with the secrets of the island and to celebrate the opening of the Montroi Summer Boutique.

Located at the Ostraco Hotel & Suites the Montroi Summer Boutique is open to all.



The Montroi Summer Boutique in Mykonos showcases a selection of hand crafted leather goods, the Montroi Perfumeria and a small collection of unique items specially produced for the occasion, only available at this unique location.

Wake Me Up In Mykonos eye masks have specially been designed for the Montroi Summer Boutique and can be found is all the Ostraco hotel suites.

With the support of Montroi nomad contributors, Montroi has released an updated travel guide of Mykonos Island, featuring the hidden places for nomads.


The Montroi Summer Boutique will be operational until the 31 September 2019.

‘Montroi is committed to building a true nomad story, traveling the world looking for craftsmanship and manufacturing beautiful pieces where pride and care in work is still placed highly.’

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