M1 Safari Chair by Montroi

On the occasion of the Dubai Design Week 2019, Montroi is pleased to introduce the ‘M1 Safari Chair’ collection.

Notable users of safari chairs who embraced nomadism as a way of life include Theodore Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Thomas A. Edison and renowned wildlife biologist Aldo Leopold, in addition to the number of safari hunters, explorers, and adventurers worldwide.


The M1 Safari Chair is a symbol of nomadism, it can be folded, mounted, dismounted and transported without the help of any other tool. Sophisticated and lightweight, the M1 safari chair is entirely hand-crafted in the UAE using only rosewood and camel leather.

The rosewood chair frame is manufactured in collaboration with local artisans at the Al Jaddaf Port In Dubai, who have been working with wood and repairing old dhow boats for over 30 years.

The camel leather used in the M1 Safari Chair has been sourced and treated at a local tannery in Al Ain.

Camels have long represented bedouin’s best friend, providing food, transportation and shelter, they are a symbol of reliability and resilience amidst the tough Arabian climate.


The M1 Safari Chair By Montroi is hand-crafted following sustainable manufacturing methods and using eco-friendly & biodegradable materials. No chromium or any other metals are used in the tanning process.

Montroi supports local artisanship, blending beauty and functionality. The M1 safari chair by Montroi, A meeting point for heritage, craftsmanship and design.

‘Montroi is committed to building a true nomad story, traveling the world looking for craftsmanship and manufacturing beautiful pieces where pride and care in work is still placed highly.’

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