MONTROI Embroidered Organic Cotton T-Shirt Collection

MONTROI launches its signature Embroidered Monogram T-shirt collection for Nomad life.

Introducing the MONTROI Embroidered Monogram T-shirt collection with a positive social impact and a minimum environmental footprint. Produced exclusively from organic cotton made by artisans in India.

The MONTROI t-shirt is available in four sizes for both black and white color with the monogram embroidered, perfect and comfortable clothing for travelling across the modern silk route.

Organic Cotton made by Artisans

Artisans in India have been fully engaged in craft production to enhance and develop the beauty of craftsmanship for culture. The cotton industry has close links with agriculture and provides a living to many artisans in India.

In the 19th century India took a prominent position as a leading cotton textile manufacturing hub, developing an expertise and technical capabilities which are still available today, providing one of the finest cottons on earth.

MONTROI`s Organic Cotton is good for the environment

A collection T-shirt that is solely made of organic cotton from India, ethical and climate neutral. It is purely manufactured using sustainable green renewable energy from wind and solar power only.

The manufacturing process of organic cotton in India is certified in line with the latest version of G.O.T.S (Global Organic Textile Standard).

Organic cotton is made in a very artisanal process that helps maintain the good health of the ecosystem and people around. It has a very low impact on the air, it uses 88% less water and it uses 62% less energy in comparison to mass production.

Organic cotton farming in India does not allow using toxic chemicals or GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Instead, they integrate the tradition, science and development to benefit the environment and encourage a healthy and a quality way of living for the community.

MONTROI Monogram Organic T-shirt a new addition to MONTROI`s journey of searching craftsmanship across the modern silk route.

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