Montroi Launches The Travel Diaries Library

Launching of the Travel Diaries Library.

The passion for traveling is in every nomad’s blood. Montroi hosts a breakfast to celebrate the launch of the Travel Diaries Library.


The library is a collection of inspiring travel stories put together by Montroi’s global contributors. The aim of MONTROI Travel Diaries is to inspire and encourage the community to discover the joy of traveling through our contributors eyes, as well as providing the building blocks for other nomads to embark on their own adventures.


Montroi will showcase the Travel Diaries Library at the MONTROI Studio in Dubai Design District.

‘Montroi is committed to building a true nomad story, traveling the world looking for craftsmanship and manufacturing beautiful pieces where pride and care in work is still placed highly.’

You can download the I AM NOMAD app here