MONTROI Opens Flagship in Dubai Design District d3

MONTROI Opens Flagship in Dubai Design District d3 Celebrating Nomadism

Celebrating nomadism, MONTROI opens flagship in Dubai Design District d3. Located on the Ground Floor of the Building 7, the MONTROI studio opens its doors daily from 10am until 7pm. MONTROI showcases the complete nomad product range of hand-crafted leather travel bags, accessories, nomad city guides, and fragrances. The MONTROI studio also houses a unique personalization service of hand-painting and embossing as well as regular events celebrating nomadism.


Bearing in the mind the needs of the global traveller and nomad, MONTROI’s products will always be beautiful, will age well, but they will also be practical at the same time. A nomad chooses a path of having less things but things with can be carried and made of good quality.

You can download the I AM NOMAD app here