MONTROI Tokyo Photography Exhibition

Celebrating nomadism in Tokyo, Montroi reveals its latest project embracing simplicity and craftsmanship.

To celebrate Tokyo, Montroi launches a limited edition series of photography offset prints as well as one hundred limited edition organic cotton t-shirts. Nomads can choose from a range of designs created by Montroi contributors and inspired on Tokyo.

From November 12th 2018, the Montroi studio located in Dubai Design District will host a photographic exhibition to celebrate the architecture in Tokyo and the use of palm tree paper and lanterns, a craftsmanship that has been alive for many generations.


Celebrating the launch of the Montroi Tokyo City Guide, Montroi unveils the hidden secrets across a city with centuries of old traditions and modernity. Whilst Japanese cuisine may be part of the Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage list, dining in Tokyo blends with the Montroi ethos of enjoying the trip as much as the destination. Tokyo’s artisan culture compliments all nomad travelers from high end cuisines made by the city’s legendary chefs using the freshest, seasonal market ingredients to delightful affordable dishes made with the same care and exacting attention to detail, from a recipe honed through decades of experience.


Celebrating the long-standing tradition of welcoming the cherry blossom referred to as ‘sakura’ Montroi launched its latest Eau de Parfum named ‘Hanami’. Sakura holds pride of place in Japanese culture, which celebrated this time of the year with Hanami for many centuries. The viewing of the cherry blossom brings together friends and family who gather under the blossoming trees to admire the nomad spectacle. Montroi Hanami is a fragile and delicate fragrance which combines soft notes of white flowers and amber. Montroi Hanami has been launched at the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum boutique in avant-premiere during the Japanese Connections Exhibition.

‘Montroi is committed to building a true nomad story, traveling the world looking for craftsmanship and manufacturing beautiful pieces where pride and care in work is still placed highly.’

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