MONTROI unveils The Nomad Trunk


MONTROI, unveils its bespoke hand-crafted leather trunk celebrating nomadism.

Celebrating a common passion for nomadism, The Aberlour Hunting Club has commissioned MONTROI to develop a limited edition of 3 trunks where nature can travel anywhere.

The Nomad Trunk has been unveiled during a private dinner organized in the heart of the National Forest of Saint-Cloud in Paris (France) with close associates of the brand.

Dinner was prepared by 2 Michelin star chefs: Thibault Sombardier and Julien Dumas.
The Nomad Trunk is the result of collaborative expertise from Italy, Germany, Spain and France; its completion relied on 300 hours of work of 25 different artisans.


The Nomad Trunk features an exterior made of premium quality vegetable-tanned leather, selected in Italy and tanned in Spain. Its unique interior has been finished with a natural preserved moss, designed to provide an experience of nature. The moss interior has been specifically completed in Germany, following an artisanal technique that will preserve its natural color and texture.
For convenience, The Nomad Trunk also includes a solid beech foldout chair.

The final manufacturing of the trunk has been completed in our workshops in France.

You can download the I AM NOMAD app here