Nomadism in Art

MONTROI hosts an event to celebrate nomadism through art.

Hosted at the studio in d3 Dubai Design District, MONTROI celebrates nomadism through the personal experience of Gildo Medina, as a nomad artist.

Gildo was born in Mexico, and has lived in many different places such as New York, Paris and Hong Kong; and is currently residing in Rome. His unique work is the result of learning different techniques from around the world.



He paints following a Chinese technique, which consists of shaving the pencils very thin and drawing over and over to get the desired effect. Today Gildo paints on many materials, such as paper and leather.

MONTROI sees nomadism as a cultural bridge, an educational tool, to connect, grow and to learn through dialogue and shared experiences; becoming a nomad, ultimately leaving a more enlightened world for future generations.
The events that MONTROI curate are crucial in our mission.



Gildo Medina has been inspired by nomadism to create a unique artwork composed on 5 different MONTROI leather accessories. The artwork has been exposed and presented to the audience and it will be sold as a single artwork.
During the evening, Enrique Hormigo, co-founder of MONTROI, introduced the artist and his work.

Neighbours, art-enthusiasts and guests participated in an event that made all participants willing to become more nomad and learn from different cultures.

You can download the I AM NOMAD app here