The Barcelona Collection in New York


MONTROI  launches collections with the vision they travel the world and accumulate experiences, that they age well and gain beauty over time.

With this in mind, the MONTROI team set off for New York with DELTA and ELEKTRA and from the MONTROI Barcelona Collection.

The journey across New York took the team from the West Village to Brooklyn, from the Whitney Museum to a surprising jazz performance at Happy Ending. The day ended in Brooklyn and biking back to Manhattan across the Williamsburg bridge, a perfect backdrop to this photoshoot, that tries to capture the beauty of movement and discovery.


Perfect allies, companions and co-travellers, the DNA of MONTROI bags means they are easy to access with large zippers and allowing complete opening, they are light yet resistant and only get better looking as they age. The perfect travelling essential for a MONTROI nomad.


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