The MONTROI Barcelona Campaign

The vibrant city of Barcelona is the starting point and inspiration for MONTROI’s debut collection. Its nomadic spirit and energy resonates with the brand’s philosophy.

MONTROI’s creative team set off for the city to get acquainted with some of the local musicians, artists and fashion insiders and frequent places recommended by them.

MONTROI contributor, Jose Maria Solanes shot the first campaign. He lives between NYC and London, while Barcelona is not only a favourite destination in his nomad lifestyle but also his home city.

The shoot incorporated a weekend trip accompanied by models, Anna and Oscar as they visited their favourite places in Barcelona. MONTROI followed them travelling across the city on a typical day visiting restaurants, museums and enjoying the hidden places. Of course featured some of MONTROI’s hand-crafted leather bags along the way too. The photographs showcase reality, as opposed to conventional, glossy advertising. The idea being to document rather than advertise and to share the essence of nomadism; travelling for MONTROI is all about collecting stories and emotions

To celebrate the launch of the Barcelona collection, MONTROI has selected 30 images and printed them in a limited edition book. 



You can download the I AM NOMAD app here