MONTROI’s hero backpack references the glory days of army reconnaissance trips into unknown territories.

The iconic NOMAD accessory is made from the best quality leather sourced in Europe. Clean lines, quality brassware and a discreet monogram is the winning formula for this handsome travel bag. A distinctive army locking device, unique to parachute jumping, reinforces the bag so that owners can use the handles in two ways, depending on the needs of the nomad life. As an heirloom, the bag is built to last a lifetime of journeys and travel experiences into the unknown, and to be passed from one generation to the next. The Montroi backpack is not just a travel essential, it’s a talisman and witness to memorable travel experiences. More importantly it is an essential accessory for nomads that will age to perfection.”

Nomadism is a cultural bridge, an educational tool, to connect, to grow, to learn through dialogue and shared experiences, becoming a more evolved global traveller, ultimately leaving a more enlightened world for future generations.



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